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Free webinars through ASCD in a regularly scheduled, "Ask Dr. Judy" Series. The webinars in the ongoing series are interactive and sustained with an ongoing discussion group at the free ASCD EDGE network discussion page called, How the Brain Learns http://edge.ascd.org/_How-the-Brain-Learns/group/110564/127586.html 

This free ASCD “EDGE” website discussion group is a place for you to ask questions, make comments, share your knowledge, or post lesson plans to share with colleagues and other educators from around the world.
I'll look for questions or comments, especially those tagged in the title with, "Ask Dr Judy Question" that I'll often respond to on the website and/or in an upcoming Webinar. Other educators will also respond to your questions as we share ideas and resources. 

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Free ASCD webinar: "Ask Dr. Judy: How To Promote a Learning-Receptive Emotional State"
Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How To Promote a Learning-Receptive Emotional State
    Learn which neuro-logical strategies promote information to pass through the brain’s emotional filters to reach the most powerful cognitive control centers in the prefrontal cortex. Discover the the interventions that reduce the “behavior management problems” as they reverse negativity, promote positive attitudes, increase participation, and build student confidence to persevere through

Prior Ask Dr.Judy Webinars

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Video Interview from ASCD about differentiated strategies - Brain Friendly Strategies to Ignite Student Learning (2007) JUDY WILLIS - STRATEGIES

May 11, 2010 "Why Don't Students Pay Attention" JUDY WILLIS- ATTENTION. The first 10 minutes have a voice repeat/delay, but that goes away and the rest is clear.

July 20, 2010 "How Can I Motivate My Students?" JUDY WILLIS - MOTIVATION

Oct 14, 2010: Strategies for Maximizing Student Memory