Consultant Activities

ASCD International Professional Development Program: 2008-2009: ASCD Middle East and United Arab Emirates Professional Development will present “RAD Research Brain-Based Strategies to Ignite Memory and Learning” by Dr. Judy Willis and team of RAD presenters teacher training sessions in the UAE starting October, 2008 in Dubai.

The Hawn Foundation: Hawn Foundation Researcher - Developed and directed by Goldie Hawn to develop and implement evidence-based mindfulness education programs through collaboration with learning theorists, educators, scientists and professionals, and sharing their knowledge and curriculum with educational, healthcare and community-based programs throughout the world.
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First Move Program: Management Team - A learning tool to teach higher level thinking skills, advance math and reading ability, and build self-esteem in elementary school students, sponsored by America's Foundation for Chess.
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Body, Mind & Child, Advisory Board, Body, Mind & Child, a program developed by early childhood professionals to bring insights and knowledge to parents about neuroscience, early childhood education, physical education/motor development, play research, and child development
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Laureate Education, Inc.: Appear in a series of video-lessons using my RAD brain-research derived teaching strategies produced by Laureate Online Education for their online degree programs including masters degree programs in education and a doctoral degree program in Teacher Leadership

CurriculumAdvisory Board for Austin City Public Schools College Readiness Program 2008-2009