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Washington Post article by Sarah Szczypinski interviewing Dr Judy Willis on with neuroscience correlations to parenting extroverted kids Aug 2018.

Willis, J.A. (2018). NBC News Education Nation Parent Toolkit. How To Take Advantage Of The “Back-To-School Brain.” August 8, 2018

Interview for Nevertheless tech and edtech podcast in England about helping young people who have been through traumatic experiences by interventions to build their resilience. Recorded July 6, 2018.

Quoted expert for
Freeport Journal-Standard News (Freeport, Illinois)
October 13, 2017. How to keep your child positive about school
by Mike Schiffman, Superintendent, Freeport School District.

Radio interview Cape Town, South Africa regarding best parenting as part of prime time radio news about the International School Principals conference. Sept 22 2017.

Quoted expert A Disturbing Number of Teachers Don’t Understand How Brains Work

Quoted expert Topic: Helping teens build positive attitudes toward school and increasing resilience and perseverance.

Quoted expert for
Little Miss Perfect in The Telegraph August 17, 2017

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Video: The Hawn Foundation - The MindUp Program with an early opening quote and later video of neuroscience of mindfulness by Dr. Judy Willis

Interview Swedish TV-show for teachers called “Lärlabbet” (Translated: Teachers Lab) on website under name of the week's April 26, 2017 episode, “Hjärnan och inlärning.”